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I'm coming back to newgronds!

2012-07-18 15:22:52 by NATOSymmetric

Hi everyone, It's been 2 years since i was last here, and a lot has changed! I have neglected newgrounds for too long, I'm coming back and starting it all up again! Check in for new uploads, all of the music i've made over the last 2 years is coming up :) hope you all enjoy it!

I'm coming back to newgronds!


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2012-07-18 16:58:09

if you've been gone for 2 years everyone won't bother checking in. just saying.

NATOSymmetric responds:

Oh I had a huge fanbase of like... 2 people. Lol no I'm just trying to get off to a good start, thought this post would do the job!


2012-09-14 22:50:07

Welcome back.